Don't shut down your business, call DIS.IN.FX! We come out within 24 hours you have a confirmed case of COVID. 

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease that caused a worldwide pandemic in 2020 and has killed over 333,000 people in the United States alone to date. Primarily a respiratory illness, this disease can be moderate for some and deadly for older people and those with underlying medical conditions. The world has changed daily business operating procedures due to this very contagious virus. Businesses, schools and almost every aspect of modern life has been altered.

As businesses, government agencies and educational institutions struggle to proceed in the new normal world, they are seeking solutions to help keep their customers, students and employees stay safe by preventing and slowing down the transmission of COVID-19.

The disease is known to spread through saliva droplets and nose discharge by an infected person that sneezes or coughs. Studies have shown that the coronavirus can live on surfaces as long as 28 days. Smooth surfaces including plexiglass, glass, paper and metal tend to hold the virus longer than rough surfaces. Colder temperatures also keep the virus surviving.

DIS.IN.FX®, a professional disinfection service, kills and prevents the spread of Covid-19, influenza, pathogens and other viruses with safe, effective, hospital-grade, EPA registered products. The treatment application kills the germs while applying an antimicrobial coating. Contact us today to learn more about our protection services. 

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“Since we’ve been using DIS.IN.FX, we have seen a dramatic decrease in illness, which is why we will continue to use them.”

Megan Hansen, Trinity Christian Academy